Greetings!  My name is Ali Gildemeister, creative director and founder of Lion's Share Apparel.  I am a lucky mother of two incredible little nuggets, Ryan and Kate, a hot power vinyasa yoga instructor, born under the Leo zodiac sign, a not so good stand-up comedian, lover of all things summer, amateur interior decorator, and I have a slight obsession with sweet potatoes and grapefruit ANYTHING!

I created Lion's Share Apparel in an effort to start a conversation.  I believe that by wearing innovative, creative, and thought provoking apparel, we can start conversations.  What happens when people start talking?  They connect.  They engage.  They learn about one another.  What happens next?  They feel good.  They are in a better mood. They smile.  Then what happens?  They pay it forward.  Community begins to build. 

In a world where we are so connected by technology, we have lost a bit of human connection.  Lion's Share Apparel is my effort to bring human connection t-shirt at a time.  

What we choose to wear says a lot about who we are and what we value.  Let's make those messages positive and inclusive.  Let's motivate one another.  Let's build each other up.  We are all in this together...let's make it GREAT!

I am forever grateful for my family and friends that have supported me in my journey, not only in creating Lion's Share, but in life.  I have learned from you, loved with you, cried with you, and laughed with you.  You are my life force.

In good health and always good humor,